Countdown to 5K walk

Saturday, March 19, 2011

5K race day and a new PR

Just thought it was an awesome shot of the alley with the focal point being the archway in the distance.

Ready to race!

Robin reluctantly poses!

Old Glory hoisted high!

One of my favorite pics, you can see the start banner behind us and the chica in the bee costume--too cute!

Happy after I ran walked my race!

my first 5K T-shirt!

I know it looks like he's pissed off, but that's how he always looks, so don't be alarmed!

I came in 266 of all the women racing in the 5K of total 335 women participants
In my age group 40-44, I came in 26 with my time 49:44.3 and pace of 16:03/M.

Robin came in 22 in men's age group 40-44 and came in 196 of all the men racing the 5K and a time of 49:26.5 and pace of 15:57/M.