Countdown to 5K walk

Thursday, April 7, 2011

On the road again...

Why do I get sidetracked so easily, letting things crowd out what I really want to do? I guess I feel guilty about taking time for myself because somehow I confuse self-care with selfishness? Argh!!!
Enough berating myself, time to start a new day and just pick myself up where I'm at and "Get back on the road again!"---come on and sing along with me now!
So instead of giving in to this sleepiness...insomnia woke me around 4-ish and it's 6:40 am's probably best if I get dressed and get to moving. I haven't walk/ran since the EP marathon/5k...which was about a month ago!
So, I'll update this post with my time walk time, will do 5k, hopefully I can stay under 60 be continued...

53:30 for 3.1 miles
Despite the gusting wind (2o+ mph), I still feel good about my speed.  Today was the first time I used this free app on my phone called Log Your Run and I have to say I was a little bit impressed! 

My top 10 12 for liking this app, in no particular order:
1. Free
2. plays in sync with ipod and stops music to tell you your distance, i.e. 1 mile
3. Counts the number of footsteps you take...6,971 steps
4. Calories burned...331 kCal
5. GPS to track your distance for you
6. ICE (in case of emergency) contact info on the screen...just in case
7. tracks date and time of each log in
8. counts the pace in which you walk/run, etc
9. speed vs. time graph
10. also has an optional companion app for HR (heart rate) tracking your bpm (beats per minute)
***Bonus...if you're into this, you can tweet or FB your stats
11. AND you can track your pace via multiple activities: walk, run, bike, spin, cross train, treadmill, or swim
12. at the end when you're finishing up your status, it asks you how you feel and what effort you put forth, by choosing a smiley face to gauge where you're at.