Countdown to 5K walk

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I just registered for my first race and it's in 3 weeks!

 So here I am...I got a little ballsy and decided that if I'm really going to pursue this goal of running a race...I might as well bite the bullet and commit to something!  

El Paso Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K Run/Walk

Sunday morning on March 6th, I'll be taking my first steps toward running...I'm actually just gonna do the 5K Walk.  The race is in 20 days, I've never ran beyond 30 seconds, and I just conquered a limitation in my own mind when I walked 5K (3.125 miles) this past Thursday afternoon!  And then I walked it again on Saturday afternoon!  Both times it took me about 60+ minutes.

Goals to prepare for this race:
1.  Improve my time from 60+minutes and down to 45 minutes.  I think that's reasonable.
2.  Walk everyday from February 14th thru March 5th...20 days to train!
3.  Begin walking in the mornings, as opposed to the afternoon, so that I can acclimate to the time of the day the race will be taking place.


  1. woohoo! You GO girlie!!! there is a whole summer series of walk/run road races down here on long island...aptly named the Summer Run Series! My company will sponsor me and it's 1 race a week on Mondays starting in May...YOU have inspired me to get off my duff and give that C25K a try so a big THANKS to you for your inspiration!!

  2. Now you are my inspiration because I feel like a role model...ahhh. And now we'll each have someone to keep us motivated, plus we can actually walk/run together at retreat in May!!!