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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My time has improved!

I have been trying to stay consistent in walking, however I have only managed every other day, but still maintaining my goal of early morning.

My times have improved from when I started tracking my time:

Saturday, Feb 12.....60+ minutes via wrist watch and alone on the track!

Monday, Feb 14....51:41.4 min (***My first PR!!!)  via stopwatch (thanks iPhone for having this cool feature and from here on out, will keep up with my times via stopwatch for accuracy)  Joven Stoven joined me and it was a nice way to start off Valentine's day with my sweetie!

Wednesday, Feb 16.....52:45.4 min  (ok, so I slowed down by 1.4 min which is odd to me, because I incorporated some short sprints into this walk....trying to build up my running before I really commit to buying the app) 
Joven Stoven joined me again for this walk...however, I got quite frustrated with him.  Especially when he tried to push me beyond where I wasn't enjoying the walk and I almost wanted to cry.  But I held my tongue and stated to him, "you can either walk WITH me or not" and after repeating myself a couple of times, he finally got it. 
All really I want is his companionship to be the role of supportive husband and not dictatorial "Biggest Loser" coach!  Just be with me, let me do this at my own pace and quit trying to push me beyond my limits.  After all, I've never attempted to do anything like this before, mainly because before 4 years ago I also weighed 310 pounds and obviously I didn't reach that size by exercise!

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